About Yournextmove (Eng)

Yournextmove is a team of dedicated instructors/trainers that wants to inspire and educate others. Madelinn, Åsa and Maria are Nike Master trainers with more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Malin is a fantastic creative yoga instructor. With a background from different sports and dance, now ranging frpm martial art, barre, yoga and much more in their own concept, you can have a unique training or inspiration day for you or your instructors at your gym, or just come up with the way you want to hire us..

Yournextmove is for the instructor that wants to inspire more, learn more, get better and are ready to challenge themselves and work for it. We create a space where you can develop your strong side, and take the challenge to work on your weak ones. Instructor trainings as Barre Move, Tauff training, Core Control, Afho, Inner Strength, Communication and much more!